These days I can only afford about one issued watch a year due to the price jump they sell for these days. You really have to look for a fair price some just want more than they are worth. This year I got the itch for a
Hamilton 6B -9101000 H this one I got has the none hacking movement with 36mm case with 18mm lugs. Got this off the MWR PX for a fair price did not haggle since the price I seen on other were way higher did try to buy another before this one came up for sell but the seller did not want to haggle for a better price this one was a 300 bucks cheaper. When your retired it sure slows down this hobby and a fair price matters. Funny last years military timepiece was a Hamilton model 21 chronometer so two Hamilton's in a row. This one if you look hard can still be had at a price that is affordable but with military watches going up in price these mite double in price like all the others. At least this one was a little cheaper than last years Hamilton.

The two photo's below are the sellers.