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WW1 US Navy Chelsea Deck Clock No.2
WW1 US Navy Chelsea Deck Clock No.2

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    Default WW1 US Navy Chelsea Deck Clock No.2

    Was not going to buy ant thing this year I told my self. But I got I want a early US Navy deck clock for the collection. One from my Grandfathers time in the Navy. Been looking at this certain seller on EBay who sells service Chelsea deck clocks but they are not cheap. Saw this one I thought I could get a fair price on. He had make offer so we went back and forth until we both agreed on a price and I got this US Navy Deck Clock No.2 made in 1918 it's different than the WW2 and later ones it has a brass case and has second bit and the dial and hands are different they got more character. Was worth the price I paid more than any US Navy clock in the collection but you take away the 300 dollar service and it was a fair price because I all ways got once that needed a service.

    My photo after I received it and mounted it on a wooden plaque

    Sellers photo's the last two the movement in great shape and keeping great time. And below some photo's out of my Grandfathers album

    Christmas day 1917 Miami Florida

    Around the 1920's time frame he made chief.

    He was in early US Navy aviation this is Deering Island Florida around Miami if you ever been to Miami city hall you standing were these photo's were most likely taken.

    The USS New Mexico he was also on the USS West Virginia and the USS Saratoga CV-3

    This is going across the equator thank god you only had to got through the initiation once.

    This photo I got off the net the one with the strip on the island the USS Saratoga CV-3 so you can tell it apart from the USS Lexington CV-2 my dad told be that. My Grandfathers service made me want to ad this to the collection. Just ordered a certificate from Chelsea for a little history on this clock 35 bucks cheaper than the big name watch company's.
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    great post... and a really interesting historic clock... great pictures and great story.... cheers for posting... Al
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    Just got this from Chelsea.

    Was shipped to the US Navy observatory on February 20,1918 kind of like getting the birth certificate of a Military timepiece.

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WW1 US Navy Chelsea Deck Clock No.2