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Changes in Heuer Bunds prices since I bought mine
Changes in Heuer Bunds prices since I bought mine

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    Default Changes in Heuer Bunds prices since I bought mine

    There was a thread at TZ UK Forum about the prices of vintage Heuer's . When I added my Heuer Bund about 6-7 years ago I paid $1800.00 us for it on German Ebay. When I got it the vintage Heuer autavia plain Jane ones the viceroy model sold for more money. Now I notice the Bund has passed it. Now a Heuer Bund sells for 4000-5000 . It's kind of crazy I am probably done collecting because it's to rich for my blood. But I have been finding stuff for fair prices and that's harder to do these days. The last two watches I added I think I did good on got them way under the market value the Zenith US Army Signal Corps and the Junghans Bund I got for about what I paid for the Heuer Bund 6-7 years ago due to one flaw the wrong minute repeater hand. I did good on the RAF clock to. I think I am going to hold on to what I got I can't see over paying when you remember what they use to sell for when it was just collectors with little money who collected it for the history and the cool looks of military watches no one else thought was cool at the time now every one thinks there cool for the wrong reasons. Not done learning but mite be done adding stuff due to prices I don't want to pay.

    I miss the days when these were cheaper and the ordinary vintage watch collector could afford this hobby glad I collected when prices were fair or I would not own this Heuer Bund today I would not pay the going rate of today. Who else thinks this ?

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    oh indeed... the first time I bought one it was about 600 and here are a few pics of ones I have owned... don't have one now... the mad rise in prices I believe is because of watches being used purely for investment not because they are true watch 'collectors' buying them...... guys like me may have helped prices rise but only say 30% which would be a sensible dealer margin... but since the powerful blogs and instagram have sent details out to say 50K people who are not just watch collectors then prices have inevitably risen.. I can see a time when prices go back when the market shrinks again......... but part of the fun of collecting is finding the things people don't know about or are 'out of favour'... keep going it is an interesting hobby and BTW my book is ready to pre order :-)

    Changes in Heuer Bunds prices since I bought mine-bund_head_shot_750-jpg

    Changes in Heuer Bunds prices since I bought mine-maxresdefault-jpg

    Changes in Heuer Bunds prices since I bought mine-leonidas_ami_1-jpg
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    Very nice specimens. Love that Leonidas

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Changes in Heuer Bunds prices since I bought mine