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Thread: COSD Longines Tuna Can

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    Default COSD Longines Tuna Can

    Recently I bought a Longines Tuna Can (COSD). It came with the wrong handset and I knew it was going to be tough to get the right ones. A fellow collector on MWR sent me two sets of hour and minute hands free of charge, which I thought was extremely generous of him. The hole diameters fitted but the length wasn't quite right!

    Here the two sets of minute and hour hands given to me FoC.

    A french collector had some sweep second hands made and I orderd 2 off him.
    Here with his sweep second hand and the longer of the two sets given to me.

    That alone should have made me a happy man...but...

    then the amazing happened, another fellow collector got onto me saying there was a set of original Radium hands on Ebay for 1700€ (if I remember correctly), I got in touch with the seller, also not an unknown on the Mil-Watch Circuit, and we settled on a price which we both could live with...

    I'll continue when I have had these original ones fitted.
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    Will look better with those new set of hands. Post some photo's after you get done getting those new set of hands on. I am on the hunt just for one minute repeater hand for my Junghans Bund seeing you get a rarer set of hands gives me hope.

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    Looks excellent, but the proper hands will be great - they look nicely matched. Great find/help.

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    Love that one... many years ago I gave a cute little longines mil looking watch to a customer of mine as a gift... dial very similar to yours... it is amazing how much these watches have gone up in value....
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