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WW2 Lemania Stopwatch
WW2 Lemania Stopwatch

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    Default WW2 Lemania Stopwatch

    Hi all. I am new to the forum. Dave S. very kindly gave me some information on my grandfathers Lemania stopwatch that I inherited.

    I couldn't figure it out initially as it has a Patt. 6 case back that must have been retrofitted at some point. My grandfather was a RN sub commander in WW2 so it makes sense.

    It still works perfectly after all this time :-)

    Let me know what you guys thinks as I can find many similar faces on the web but not this particular one.

    WW2 Lemania Stopwatch-lemania1-jpgWW2 Lemania Stopwatch-lemania2-jpgWW2 Lemania Stopwatch-lemania3-jpg

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    Hi there
    Even more interesting.
    We have discussed over PM the fact that Pattern 6 stopwatches were almost exclusively Waltham ones, used for Sonar range finding and with a very short duration, not a 60 minute timer at all.
    So it seemed that your stopwatch had a different back on it.
    I do not believe this is an original Lemania dial, the Lemania script is wrong, and the printing looks a little basic, with variation in line thickness (over one line) and a lack of crispness to the ends of the numerals.
    The WW2 Lemania stopwatches I have seen have dials of much greater style and font decoration than this (Lemania did Patt 4 ones, and others).
    So, an old PAtt 6 case, a 1-hr (different from what wasin the case) movement and a reprinted dial.

    It is fair to say this is not a collectors piece, they love originality. However, as a useful piece with strong family provenance, it is great. I love it.
    If it's Lemania-powered, I'm interested. Tool Chrono - interested. Dive Chrono - interested. Interesting - interested

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WW2 Lemania Stopwatch