Well last weekend went to a local auction in Bozeman MT. There were three things I wanted to bid on a WW1 US Navy recruiting poster, Argentine air force issued 1911 pistol and a WW2 Chelsea US Maritime Commission ships clock. Well the other two thing went beyond my comfort zone so passed was at the auction for a few hours the clock was not till the end another 3 hours so put a absentee bid and went home. Well won it and went and picked it up on Monday. All ways had bad luck at these auctions when you bid on line I won a Record WWW last month it had my max bid and in green you may have won after bidding ended on it. Then the next day the price was raised and they said I did not win I would of got it cheap so I think they backed out won't bid there again this auction was on the east coast they have better watch and clock auction on the east coast to bad there to far from me. Glad this place in Bozeman were honest.

These were on Liberty and Victory ships in WW2 and the sticker on the back a plus dam from the Bay Area were I use to live before I moved to Montana. I think there less monkeying around when your at a auction instead of bidding on line.