How to ID a Heuer Bund FAKE

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Thread: How to ID a Heuer Bund FAKE

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    Default How to ID a Heuer Bund FAKE

    Here is a shot of the fake here is the ebay link poor sucker 1900.00 down the toilet.

    If you look at mine were the bezel ring meets the case you will see a flat area then it slopes down at the lugs on the fake it's not there.On the dial on fake no Swiss mark at the six position.


    The bubble back case is different shape and on the fake the engraving is deeper and wider.

    Look at the bezel ring the notches are not right on the fake.

    Look at the notches on the bezel ring and the color differences on the fake bezel ring.Wrong crown and the pusher are taller on the fake.

    Better photo of mine were you can see Swiss at the six.Also if you look at the Heuer logo on the fake it's thicker and wrong crown and the silver triangle on the bezel is wrong and the wrong serial number on the fake case back.There are a lot of dial varieties here is a link with the legit dials and the one on mine not on this web site but is one that not listed but and even had me wondering about it but with the help of this site found out it was a OK legit dial.
    Any one else got any photo's or for sale listing of fake Heuer bunds ad them to the post and ad any thing I did not spot on the fake.
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    yep that's sad.. I'd still love a beaten up Bund.... they are so lovely...
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