Interesting military order Omega X-33 for sale

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Thread: Interesting military order Omega X-33 for sale

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    Default Interesting military order Omega X-33 for sale

    There's a interesting military personnel order Omega X-33 Gen 2 for sale over on WUS. Here's the link...

    ...and here's the sales pitch...

    FS: Omega X-33 Gen. II Military Order
    This one is a catch and release for me. I wanted to try an X-33, and now realize it's probably not for me. Comes with all boxes and papers (including July 09 stamped Omega Bienne warranty card) and authentic military provenance, details of which will be shared by email. The good: All functions work, the second hand tics the minute hashes exactly, and it's keeping perfect time. The not-so-good: The watch is well worn. Active carrier duty has generated a lot of wabi! Also, the bezel is about a half click misaligned. I have given some thought to sending it off to Omega for a refurbishment before selling, but have decided the new owner, particularly someone who values the military history of the watch, might want to keep it authentic. Overall, very good condition. Asking $2695.

    Below are a couple of photos but there are more on WUS...



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    I must admit to having a soft spot for the X-33, with all its associated real world use and (in the Gen II especially imo), crisp functional looks I think it's straddling that 'G-Shock or Speedmaster?' question quite well.

    The one in question is certainly bashed about, I think the deal with these is that Breitling would customise the back for unit buys of ten or over and 'retail' them for 650, which was (relatively) quite popular; so perhaps not extremely rare to have the engravings and as they were popular amongst service guys I guess not too rare to have had them worn in units. Having said that it does give an interesting history to the individual watch.

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