A nice little find - Kienzle WWII Borduhr

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Thread: A nice little find - Kienzle WWII Borduhr

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    Default A nice little find - Kienzle WWII Borduhr

    We had a street party about 100 yards from where I live on Sunday, so we duly pitched up to gets the kids' faces painted, buy balloons, eat crappy food and have a sly pint.

    Wandering round there were a few tables of nick-nacks, and something caught my eye.
    I recognised the general shape, enquired about it, and bought this, knowing that it worked, wasn't complete but was otherwise genuine.
    A bit of online research later tells me that it is a WWII German navigator's clock (or radio operators clock) from the larger planes in the Luftwaffe.
    A Kenzle FL23886-1, to be precise, a later one with the case made from cast Zinc alloy, not the brass of earlier models.

    You will note there is no crown, the 8-day movement in these were wound using a rear-mounted bezel, and set using a crown in the centre at the rear (see below).
    Regulation was using a recessed screw on the case at 9.
    There is also a 0-60 bezel (which is what distinguishes it from the very similar ground crew radio stationclocks that Jon has posted about before).

    Originally this was hinged at 9 onto a standard surface mount case for the instrument panel (see the cut section on the left here).

    The hinge either failed or was removed, and i have acquired it mounted onto a custom fit alloy plate, which it removes from entirely.

    Serial numbers for the clocks were on the casing, so the rear of this is merely marked 8 Tage, 10 Steine (8 day, 10 jewels).

    I am always on the lookout at general tat stores, and have never before found anything watch related, or anything of any quality. This was a very pleasant surprise.
    The fact that it is still working and within a few seconds of where it was set 2 days after winding and setting it is a total bonus.

    However, as I have a very nice (later) Lemania Aircraft clock, this will shortly be sold to fund other purchases.
    Let me know if you are interested.
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    If it's Lemania-powered, I'm interested. Tool Chrono - interested. Dive Chrono - interested. Interesting - interested

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