Junghans BUND flex band (Kiefer Expandro) info and pics

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Thread: Junghans BUND flex band (Kiefer Expandro) info and pics

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    Default Junghans BUND flex band (Kiefer Expandro) info and pics

    After my lucky purchase of the original issued flex band for the Junghans I have tried to find some more info about this rare piece. Unfortunately my search has resulted in almost nothing. Very few threads mentions this band, and I couldn't find any photo references except the ones provided by Jon'. "Zero Hour" by W. Schorr mentions the band briefly and I believe Knirim does as well. I also tried searching the ISO/NSN database but this number gave no matches. Only additional info received so far is that it was only issued together with the Junghans ie late 50s early 60s

    Below my attempt to document the band and a "how to size" your Kiefer Expandro.

    BTW: "Springbars from hell". Please comment on the springbars in picture 8. Are these the original Junghans? The watch came with a leather strap and I found it very difficult to remove the bars as no groove is provided for the springbar tool.

    And now the info:
    An original full length Kiefer is 11 links long and consist of 3 different link types; end-links, one special middle link and 8 normal links (1).

    Width of end link at lug is 18 mm and width of band is 15 mm on the issued version. Each normal link is 13,5 mm long and expands in one direction to 22 mm. The links consists of a folded piece of metal around a square frame with the spring inside (2,3).

    When expanded, the metal cover can be pressed down allowing the detachment of the neighbor links frame (3,4).

    Middle link is special, two very short covers, facing both ways. My impression is that you shouldn't mess with this link (5)

    The end links are 16 mm long (6) which makes them a little easier to press together and the resulting clearance (7) is enough to snap the end link over the thick (original?) springbar (8). I've noticed that the metal cover doesn't always "snap" back in place. The cover is touching the springbar preventing from returning to its correct position. Don't use force! Apply gentle pressure to the top of the cover while pulling the ends of the cover towards you.
    Issue NSN numbers (1516)-12-121-5361 are printed on both endlinks (9,10).

    Thanks for looking - comments appreciated

    (1) full length band:

    (2) normal link 13,5 x 15 mm

    (3) expanded link

    (4) expanded and pressed, allowing removal of neighbor link

    (5) Middle link

    (6) Normal vs end-link

    (7) Pressed end link, clearance roughly 2,1 mm, Difficult shot to take

    (8) "springbar from hell", nice sturdy one. Original?

    (9) Expandro end

    (10) Kiefer end

    Thats all, end result is in my eyes fantastic:

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    Fantastic post about a very interesting and unusual bracelet.

    Thank you for posting!
    Your bleeding-edge Now is always someone else’s past. Someone else’s ’70s bellbottoms. Grasp that and start to attain atemporality.

    the #watchnerd

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