U-534 and the Enigma

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Thread: U-534 and the Enigma

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    Default U-534 and the Enigma

    I forgot about this visit from the Summer (believe it or not) of 2010. I took my two boys up to Liverpool my home town and we crossed the River Mersey to visit an exhibition of a WWII U-Boat that was salvaged off the Scandinavian coast.....

    Here are a few pictures I took....

    This is one of the two Chronometer towers that ships leaving the Mersey bound for the rest of the world set their on-board Marine Chronometers by... a friend of mine works for the planning department and has stipulated to the people developing the rest of the dockside that this clock and house must be kept..

    Birkenhead Town Hall...

    The Exhibition

    I thought it was really well laid out......

    U-534 was some kind of training vessel at one time with a special snorkel..... see it along the side of the hull...

    My son Luke Playing on a torpedo....

    Bow plane....

    The boat has been sawn in half and the ends glassed over..... there is a remote web cam inside that can be controlled from a board by the glass you can see it in the hatchway...an orange ball on a pivot......

    the sawn cables shows that they literally put the boat on a bench and sawed away....Lol!

    It was done at Cammell Lairds shipyard on the Mersey where the Titanic was built.......

    The hole below and details above...

    Stop watches for I guess torpedo timing....

    The Enigma Code Machine

    My ALT1-C on the Enigma......

    No I didn't buy one...... to be honest I could have been there all day but with all of our kids running around it was time to go.......

    Back to Liverpool for Chateaubriand and a glass of Malbec...... no pan of scouse for me thanks....... hope you enjoy my post... sorry its been a while since I did a long one but will get back on it......
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    Some nice photo's.Over here in the states they have the captured U-505 during WW2 at a museum in Chicago it's in great shape from what I read about it one of these days I will go on a road trip and see it.


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