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Thread: USS Hornet Museum

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    Default USS Hornet Museum

    I live in the bay area not far from Alameda.The USS Hornet museum is at what use to be Alameda Naval Air Station it's now close with all the military cut backs to the US Navy.The USS Hornet is the second Aircraft Carrier to have the name the first got sunk by the japanese early in the war.And this one one was named the USS Hornet in honor of that one.My Dad flew off this one in TBM's.Here are some photo's.

    This carrier was used to pick-up Apollo space capsule's for some of the moon landing.

    TBM Avinger torpedo plane this is the type of aircrft my Dad flew in he was a ball turret gunner.

    The first Hornet did the doolittle raid the first bombing of Japan.My Dad was at Alameda Naval Air Station and saw the loading of the B-25 on to the USS Hornet they thought they were just using the USS Hornet to transport the aircraft oversea's no one thought they could fly off the carrier.
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    Really nice photos! Lovely to see some of those 'planes and choppers again!
    Looks like a great day out!
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