TUTIMA NATO 'BUND' factory service problem, any help?

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Thread: TUTIMA NATO 'BUND' factory service problem, any help?

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    Question TUTIMA NATO 'BUND' factory service problem, any help?

    Fellow patients,

    last week i finally decided to send my Tutima BUND to the factory in Germany for a complete service and case refinishing.

    I contacted them by e-mail before sending the watch (i remind you that no such thing as an official Tutima dealer ever existed here in Greece) requesting information and advice on the recommended shipping procedure while attaching a few photos of the timepiece.

    The answer that i got left me utterly speechless and i quote it so that you will get the idea:

    Dear Mr. X,

    Tutima Chronographs with the marking „BUND“ on the case back are property of the German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) and can only be taken into service on their behalf.

    Tutima BUND Chronographs which are in private hands can only be those which the Bundeswehr has discarded as non-repairable. We cannot service these watches.

    With kind regards,
    I... T.....
    Tutima Uhrenfabrik GmbH

    I immediately replied that as far as i know the watch was never discarded as non repairable, all functions DO work, it keeps descent time and was bought from a German seller who stated that he in turn had bought it through VEBEG (the German auction house for surplus Bundeswehr military equipment), although i do not have any papers which can verify the VEBEG sale (this i did not mention by the way).

    To add some spice i also gave the link to a presentation i had done of this exact watch at my watch.gr (the Greek forum about watches) and the fact that many forum members actually DID BUY a modern Tutima NATO as a subsequent result (i repeat that the company is fairly unknown in my home ground...).

    The answer was still negative and because (as you have probably understood) i do not give up easily, i even suggested to send them the watch without the caseback (which carries both the ''Bund'' inscription and the serial number) so that the lady with whom the whole discussion was taking place, would not have a problem with her company's guidelines...No answer at all this time.

    My problem is actually not the servicing of the Lemania but the desire for the correct case refinishing (bead blasting and all, it does have quite a few knocks now) as well as the replacement of the orange hands which have faded significantly...

    Does any of you have experience with Tutima factory serviced BUND watches?

    Thanks in advance...


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    Hi There

    Sorry to hear of your predicament, although I have to say that it does not surprise me as I have read on several forums that this was the case.

    Their position is totally unjustified, there is no doubt that the Bundeswehr sell off used watches once they reach a certain age, and have reached the point where they feel that there is an increased chance of problems (rather than it actually being failed and unrepairable). Like many others, your chrono is legitimately bought and re-sld on the open market.

    I personally have had no help whatsoever from the Tutima factory on two occasions, once to try and get information on the Rodania chronograph that Tutima made (with Tutuma Uhrenfabrik clearly marked on the rotor), and the other on a customising enquiry on my Commando. The latter approach made through their AD netwrok (as I bought the watch new).

    Luckily, I think it is perfectly possible for outside agents to do the work that you require. It sounds like the hands need a re-paint, and the case a blast. Both can be done without any need for specialist parts only available to Tutima.

    I suggest that you write them a strong letter and then forget them, go the independent route.

    I don't know about Greece, but independent watchmakers over here are being squeezed by the major manufacturers in every direction at the moment, so using them and keeping their skills alive and available is a good path to go, in my view.

    Good luck, let us know how you get along

    If it's Lemania-powered, I'm interested. Tool Chrono - interested. Dive Chrono - interested. Interesting - interested

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    Dear Dave,

    i really appreciate your immediate and thorough answer.

    It seems that your experiences with the Tutima factory service department are far more adventurous than mine!

    I cannot imagine the reason why they refused to give you information on your Rodania which as you said was clearly marked ''Tutima'' on the rotor...

    As you can probably understand, there is no such thing as an experienced independent specialist here in Greece who can do bead blasting, let alone repaint my faded orange hands.

    It is not a problem for me though, to send the watch abroad if i find such a specialist who can refinish the case as close to the original bead-blasted finish as possible.

    I would even dare to ask you with the risk of being tedious, to suggest such a specialist (with a pm of course) in case you know one and you are familiar with his work...

    Thanks again for finding the patience to read my posts, let alone answering them!


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