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    OK, tenuous watch connection but this must rank as one of the most bizarre aircraft ever - the Caproni Ca-60...

    The watercolour drawing is from Hazao Miyazaki's "Kaze tachinu" ("A wind rises") manga, which depicts the life of Horikoshi Jiro who worked as a aircraft designer mainly in the 1930s to '40s. He is famous as the designer of the Mitsubishi A6M Zero.

    Miyazaki devotes pages to Italian airplane designer Caproni, despite the manga having only 5 pages in its first issue. Caproni often designed unique planes. The Ca-60 was one of them, a huge flying boat with 9 wings and 8 engines! It only flew 90m in its test flight then crashed, sinking in lake Maggiore and taking both pilots with it to the depths.

    Oh, nearly forgot, the watch connection - Miyazaki wrote the manga "Porco Rosso", which was made into an anime by Studio Ghibli. Breitling made a very limited edition Porco Rosso Cosmonaut - here's the caseback complete with floatplane silhouettes...

    This link helps explain all...http://translate.google.co.uk/transl...naut%26hl%3Den


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    Truly A Mammoth of the Air

    Here's the Ca. 60 almost in flight

    And its unfortunate ending...
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