This rare pointer bezel Hanhart just sold for 1,230 on ebay UK.

Seller's Ebay text:

I offer a truly rare opportunity to acquire one of the most desirable of all military chronographs. Manufactured in the early 1940s. In working order these watches tend to change hands anywhere from 1600 to 2500 and are perhaps one of the most attractive and sought after investments due to the ever growing collectability of all things WW11, confirmation of this fact can be seen by visiting the Ebay sites offering these rare items for sale.

So that is my big build up, here is the harsh reality. This item can be best described in the popular expression "It's been in the Wars" It doesn't work, lacks an hour hand, the second sweep hand is missing along with one of the small dial hands, minute hand is without luminous paint, the winding stem and crown are absent . As far as the inner workings are concerned I really haven't a clue, althouth the balance wheel does move - so I assume this works ok, but hopefully my photographs will provide any expert with an indication of any potential problems.

The chronograph has a serial number of 103035 on the back cover, this number has also been etched by hand upon the side of the workings, faintly visible in photograph 3. A moveable bezel is fitted around its original glass. This is an opportunity to obtain one of what must be the Holy Grail of military instruments be it for restoration or for its invaluable no longer available spare parts all of which are original.