I wish someone would stop this....

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Thread: I wish someone would stop this....

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    Default I wish someone would stop this....

    I remeber when these Ukraine chumps first started doing these poicket watch conversions which in itself isn't a bad thing... you sell it as a movement from 1880 revived and turned into a wristwatch... it's a cool thing...

    But to make up a whole load of crap about these watches being real and supporting them with pictures from military watch books gets on my nerves. They could sell them anyway if they told the truth for probably a similar price...

    Rant over..

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    Too true, some of them seem well made/converted but trying to pass them off as something else, accompanied by photos from Konrad Knirim' book/articles, is just plain daft.

    I know Mat was looking at a very interesting aviator's/driver's watch which appeared to have been beautifully converted but unusually, the Ukranian seller was completely honest. Ironically, it's a fraction of what this seller wants.

    Very little (if anything) seems to be known about Russian pilot's watches after the Kirowa Glashuttes were no longer used (presumably because they were worn out and the spares used up*) and the introduction of the Shturmanskie (note the spelling - this watch is different to the much later Sturmanskie chrono', which Al' has recently acquired), as worn by Yuri Gagarin in space. Here are some photos of the Shturmanskie and Gagarin from Ill-Phill's Netgrafik excellent site...

    Good luck to you if you imagine you can find an original one of these in decent condition - they must have factories in the Ukraine building franken versions!

    It is thought that in that limbo period pilots used converted pocket watches (of high quality) with lugs welded on, worn on either the wrist or leg (like the '30s Omega aviators' watches). Each of these would have been unique, being made up at each pilot's personal request. All of this makes identifying a genuine ex-pilot's watch virtually impossible.

    *I am aware that the Russians would have made replacement parts, which is why some of those ex-German stock chrono's have slightly crude parts such as hands etc.


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