Market strength and prices

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Thread: Market strength and prices

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    Default Market strength and prices

    I have been watching an ATG member trying to sell a Timefactors limited edition watch on another forum for a considerable time but without far. There have been posts suggesting that s/h watch values/prices are falling. As far as military watches are concerned, quite the opposite is true - prices are strong and increasing - anything decent is snapped up within hours (or minutes) of being advertised, usually at the asking price. I have even received PMs from people wanting to buy my watches.

    My experience is rather similar to the classic car world at the moment - racing cars with history are strong sellers but road cars have to be exceptional or they won't sell - no-one wants anything mediocre. I see military watches with their scars of a hard working life as the watch equivalent of an old racing car - both usually have dents and scratches but that's all part of the patina and provenance - more importantly, both have served a functional purpose beyond perhaps being merely cosmetic.

    I was wondering what sort of experiences others have had recently?

    (As for that watch (which I'm sure you have all seen), if its refinishing is a problem, wouldn't it look great in pvd? If you're bored of it and can't shift it, why not keep it and give it the pvd treatment? Didn't Jack at IWW pvd one?).


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