Russian Vostok 3AKA3 tank

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Thread: Russian Vostok 3AKA3 tank

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    Default Russian Vostok 3AKA3 tank

    Just a quick post to reveal the "ridiculous Russian" I have mentioned elsewhere. It's a rare green dial, 2 o'clock crown 3AKA3 Vostok Komandirskie. The single dot of lume at 12 reveals it's an original. 3AKA3 MO CCCP at 6 means “By the order of Ministry of Defense of the USSR”. These watches were probably "unit pride" items as they were sold in special stores reserved for officers, for which you were supposed to have a military i.d. card. There was a military dept in the Vostok factory which inspected these watches so only those built to the highest standard passed quality control and were marked 3AKA3. It's going on a Royal Tank Regiment Nato...

    ...and now the real reason for this post, an excuse to show some photos of the incredible MAZ 537 tractor unit...

    At just under 40 litres each, can you imagine the noise? Want to recover an old Antonov? No problem...

    ...or how about just larking around at the War & Peace Show at the Beltring Hop Farm?



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    Another interesting Russian. :thumbup:

    How many more of these have you got? I'm ashamed to say that I still only own one - the Raketa diver - I tried to find another, but it went for an eye-watering £373! Seems that (like posh city pads and football clubs) all the silly money is going the way of the Russians!

    Love the Beltring shot. Must have sacared the bejeebers out of the Shire horses...


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