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The Bremont Wright Flyer Launch Review

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Having just arrived back from the event... 2.5hrs there and 2.5hrs back... I still have some strong coffee whirring around so best I get my thoughts down now.... super hot day here in the UK and here I am hurtling down the M4.. too hot for my suit so shorts and a T shirt hoping to change in the parking garage that I booked in South Kensington.. (stylish I know)

The Venue is the Science Museum on Exhibition road... a very interesting place .. if you've never been I can recommend it.... so I get to the garage and discover the place I booked is open air and ringed by private houses whose balconies are all occupied over looking.. Nice! Had to do a quick change in the car.... Grr and the on to Exhibition road...

On entering the building itself it has a very impressive first room.. steam engines, turbines and large rockets are hanging, static and fitted in all around you... very cool start..

The launch was happening upstairs in the Exhibition of Flight' that has some really amazing aircraft fitted in... a real gem of a place which gets 2 million visitors a year apparently... here are a few.. well worth a look...

In 1930, English aviator Amy Johnson (1903-1941) piloted Jason I to become the first woman to fly solo from Great Britain to Australia, flying from Croydon in Greater London, to Darwin in the Northern Territory. The Gipsy Moth contributed to the growth of private and sport flying between the two world wars, and was used for many great aviation feats. About 1000 were built by the de Havilland company at Edgware, Greater London.

This is the aircraft in which John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown made the first non-stop crossing of the Atlantic in June 1919. The Vimy had been designed in 1917 as a bomber, but when the First World War ended this example was converted with extra fuel tanks to attempt the crossing. The pair left Newfoundland on 15 June and landed at Clifden in Connemara, Ireland some 16 hours later to become national heroes.

Britain's first successful jet aircraft, the Gloster E28/39 first flew on 15 May 1941 with test pilot Gerry Sayer at the controls. This experimental aircraft was built to test the new jet engine developed by Frank Whittle. The E28/39 led to the creation of the Gloster Meteor, the first British jet fighter to see active service, in July 1944. The actual engine used for the flight the Power Jets W1 unit is shown nearby.

Well the pace was pretty dark so pics weren't great... it was also amazingly good job I had the suite on... however what made up for things was the atmosphere... the company.. Jon and Mat with their respective wives.. Woody was there... another forum guy... and it was great to catch up with Nick and Giles as they get so excited at these launches when other people really understand what they have done... the always seem 'pleased with themselves' but also tinged with a hint of... 'we did good right'..? You cans see they are bursting with pride with these aviation pieces... it really is up their street...

and the watch? Well its a lovely piece... that is maybe the best they have done so far... the case back, the rotor, the movement the history.... its just all there.... I amazed they had time to sleep.... and of course

The watch is available to order now from ATG Vintage Watches by either calling for a chat with Alistair Gibbons on +44 (0) 788 4000 563 or by email

Barrel shot by Noodlefish thank you Mat

As I said indoor pics terrible... they are in an Album on the top navigation if you'd like to see the rest....they showed a very good movie about how it came about... probably the best film they have done so far... so have a watch and it pretty much explains the whole project.. There are detailed pictures above and I will be posting more background on the development over the next few days....

It was along old day for me but it was well worth it to see the new watch and catch up.. and London at night in the Summer is always lovely... so I walked back to my car humming Cole Porter and hit the road....

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    "The first in-house movement, designed and built in the UK."