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Sinn EZM-1 Such Design Clarity

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For me this is a design of such accuracy of economy it separates one of the elements of a chronograph or 'complication' beautifully. We are talking about a watch, I see many products that start with their function and then elements are added to this 'framework' to attract different elements of the market to maximize sales. So perhaps gold might be added to attract the 'gift market' a white dial perhaps for countries with a lot of sun, made waterproof for the 'outdoor practical market', diamonds, enamel, etc. etc. etc.

I am perhaps riffing a little here as I try and distill the ideas down to explain my next point but bear with me....

The EZM 1 is 'the' best combination of leaving the old behind and just offering total clarity...... I believe I am attracted to watches looking online as images of art.... I get the same feeling from seeing details of buildings, bridges, the teeth of a comb, the slide of an automatic pistol, it is 'creative order' that appeals to me....

Chrysler Building NY,

Waterloo Bridge London, (see below for inspiration)

it is even found in nature.... 'fossil ammonites' perhaps of the displayed musculature of a thoroughbred race horse..... but I am becoming too organic......

and perhaps these references were behind the Babe EZM-1 originally but for me these references should have remained purely in the Subconscious

So to bring it all back around...I opened my mind to myself about the EZM-1.. a watch I have owned many times and poured it out above.... but time to leave these 'flights of fancy' these organic 'found in nature' to these practical references 'bridges buildings' and just say it how it is.......

It is 'THE BEST' designed chronograph dial, crystal, bezel and hand combination I have ever seen for its total design accuracy..(Tudor Pelagos is close) but I won't own one again... I have moved on in my head.... I've owned one... I've owned an Eames Recliner (something I thought the ultimate) but like the recliner I have moved on not to somewhere better just down the road... cheers

PS whether the EZM-1 will go on to inspire a song is as yet unknown but that bridge did... :-)


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