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Salon QP - a few photos and views

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Quote Originally Posted by DaveS
Al and I went to Salon QP on Friday.
Thanks to Al for extending his invite to me, for the event, the preview showing of the film about Jack Heuer, and the cocktail evening.

It was great fun.

As you would expect, one of the first stops was at the Bremont stand.

In no particular order, my highlights there were:

The Jaguar E-Type Ltd ed - one each will be provided to the owners of the new cars.

The faithful reproduction of the E-Type dial is very effective

The polished Alt 1-C

This has actually been developed using some of the features shown in the Victory watch, and the Bremont case looks very effective in polished guise.

I was interested to see the crown guard design on the three-handed Boeing. I had thought it was not the most successful detail, but actually it looks great, and I really enjoy the skinny external bezel, and distinctive but different Bremont lugs with Allen key head screws for the strap.

It is always nice to talk to Nick and Giles, their enthusaism is certainly infectious.

Next up, Tudor.

I loved the display of old models from their museum, almost all of these still had original caseback stickers on.

The GPHG (Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve) stand was fascinating, and they are to be congratulated for giving Seiko the GMT prize. The radial textured green dial is amazing, even if they have no idea how to use a duster.

This was interesting. I have to admit to being a little shocked how much Pinion would like to charge for their chrono with a relatively simple V7734. If they are worth this much, I need to start hunting through Ebay.

Junghans' meister range is lovely, and this vintage looking chronoscope is gorgeous, keeping some lovely proportions, not being too large and having a lovely looking solid link and solid end-link bracelet.

I had a long chat to the Zenith watchmaker, both agreeing what a work of genius the El Primero was (he quite liked my DeLuca that I had with me). Here it is in exploded form.

Lastly, I also had a long chat to Pita. I have a lot of respect for them, and their level of innovation for a very small watchmaking concern is amazing.

They also got a lot of credibility for identifying my Lemania BBC from 2 metres away, and telling me how bonito they thought it was.

Here is a prototype of their steam watch, a bronze version of their Oceana, which is amazing. No crown, this watch is set by rotating the rear of the watch, which uses a through-case magnetic coupling to advance the hands.

The central spinner is the "second hand".

And of course this is 2000m waterprof, and sues a self-sealing crystal with no gasket. Very innovative and cool.

As is their bullhead chronograph, which is also a prototype

Very individual, with the chrono hands starting from downward-pointing, and in a case made from an ultra-light aluminium alloy.

I also like the constant seconds appearing in the cut-out segment at 6. Very cool.

I had a great day, so thanks again.


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