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ATG Watch Collectors I Know Series - The Canadian

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Quote Originally Posted by ATG
Mr. Brent,

now that is quite a wonderful collection you have there son..... very cool... I have owned almost all of them and wished I still had them.....

The Max Bill is a favourite I have not had and that black dial Wittnauer 3 reg middle right is also one that has alluded me... don't see them often and if you still have it would love to see a few more pics of it....?

I think a 'show your collections post is needed........

Great stuff and enjoy the weekend... that would be another interesting visit....

Quote Originally Posted by wintermutt
I've been lurking, and very occasionally posting, here for more than a year now, so I guess it's time to say a proper Hello.
And a special Greetings to all my friends from the UDWF.
Alistair is apparently dragging us all across the pond.

I live in Vancouver, Canada.
I'm a semi-retired Architect, that likes to build what I draw.
I have a very indulgent wife that honestly never complains about my crazy watch obsession.
She likes the watches because they consume far less space than my collection of old steel woodworking planes, or my rather large library.
Luckily, we live in a big old house with a very nasty dog.

I rediscovered ATG recently while doing a bit of research on a recent purchase, only to discover that you guys had been discussing this very watch:

I'm happy to report that it's not a disaster.
It's in for a minor tune-up right now, and if anyone has a lead on a replacement for that chrono sweeper (and perhaps a minute counter too) I will be eternally grateful.

I think it was the photos on this site that really got me hooked on the vintage chronos.
I have quite a few of 'em, and I suppose I should post a few of them as Big Al suggests.

Some of the gang:

I believe this goes: Croton, Bulova, Seagull '63, Nivada, Wittnauer, Heuer, Heuer, Omega, Omega, Witty, Witty, Enicar, Pierce, Seiko, Croton. A couple of these are gone now and a handful more have been added.

Here's a shot of three newer chronos - all re-issues:

Oh yeah, I should also mention that I like old Tudor subs and divewatches in general:

I got my first Submariner (a 5513) over 30 years ago, and I still love 'em, but I've found lots of other stuff that's pretty interesting too.
I'm headed out this weekend to see 4 or 5 thousand Hotrods and antique cars (another weakness) at the Langley Cruise-In.

That's it for now. Looking forward to spending more time here in the future.

Cheers, Brent

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