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What is the Ultimate Pilot Watch Part II

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Below is an early 80's Porsche design German Bund issue PVD chronograph, these are still available....... this is mine and having owned a few I am gonna keep this one.... auto, lemania 5100 heavy 40mm

Benrus Skychief as worn by early 50's USAF pilots... not big 37mm silver dial version is 40mm and very rare but very impressive...

Glycine Airman as worn by USAF pilots in the 60's inc. F4 Vietnam drivers... small- auto

Hanhart WWII cool big watch, one of the rarest but rare mil watches get really messed with and this is one of the only watches I have ever made a loss on so be ware...

Army Air Corps early purchase late 20's early 30's, Gallet Flying Officer, this one is small 34mm but they made a larger 38mm one too manual, light also used by Swiss Airforce in the 60's

Hanhart Flyback Rattrapante early 50's.. 40mm manual, quite heavy for a manual, produced by the French who owned Hanhart after war in reparations, cool watch and very rare...

British military issue watches from the 50's right and 60's left, manual single button, 38mm and relatively cheap, come up on the bay regularly... RAF, Naval Flyers used them along with other versions

Universal Geneve Compax... one of 'the' first ever producers of wrist chronographs,
made chronos from early 20's onwards, worn by elite of Europe and just incredibly well made... Dave J in AUS got this one... very special.. manual, light and 37mm

So Rich, here is my take on the pilot watch, it's a big question and I hope I have provided some mussings for you... read the posts RE. vintage watches as the 'source is all there'.

Sorry for banging on about the galleries but I bought them for you guys to use....and there are loads of other pilot watches in the galleries that I will have missed, some of the info here is a little anecdotal so don't hold me to all of it... just a distilled taste eh? The Galleries are here:

If you need any other steer let me know....?

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