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    User:  ATG
Name:  Bregeut-1.jpg
Title: Bregeut Pocket Conversion
Views: 2
Size:  22.81 KB
    User:  ATG
Name:  Univers-military-side-small-1.jpg
Title: Universal Geneve Military late 40's stainless manual (blued pencil hands)
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Size:  38.53 KB
    User:  ATG
Name:  Triump_8.jpg
Title: Triump 8
Views: 63
Size:   B
    User:  ATG
Name:  Albania-hat.jpg
Title: Albania Hat
Views: 2
Size:  33.50 KB
    User:  ATG
Name:  Omega-Shom-1.jpg
Title: Omega-Shom-1.jpg
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Size:  53.84 KB
    User:  ATG
Name:  11745714_10154008160275639_1796686164308415904_n.jpg
Title: speake marin,
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Size:   B
    User:  ATG
Name:  Aviator-henex-head-small-1.jpg
Title: Henex Special Aviator Watch Pre War
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Size:  45.68 KB
    User:  DaveS
Name:  89.jpg
Title: And a close-up of his watch. Guess what?
Views: 4
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    henry bowman

    hand set hole sizes

    I am trying to source a new set of hands for a Fortis Stratoliner with the Lemania 5100 caliber.
    I see that Esslinger sells handset by hole size.

    henry bowman 2 Days Ago Go to last post
    henry bowman

    New Members Say Hello here please?

    Hafa Adai from Guam,
    I am living abroad and slowly building on my collection. Latest piece is a Fortis Stratoliner 571.10.142 with the champange

    henry bowman 3 Days Ago Go to last post

    Breitling pocket military watch

    Honestly.. their mechanism is worth praising. So comforting to see those wheels!

    saad4u 5 Days Ago Go to last post