Just spotted this

It is for sale at a high price and describes itself as

Very rare and attractive vintage Heuer chronograph in 18k gold.

This beautiful heuer comes from the 1970’s when the quartz crisis was hitting the mechanical watch market very hard. At this point a lot of brands like Heuer where having problems selling mechanical watches. This particular model was from the ‘golden hours’ collection, as not many people where buying mechanical watches it was only sold on order.
The fact very few of these watches have been sold makes it a very rare Heuer chronograph. The movement running inside is the Lemania 1873, the case is made of solid 18k gold and measures 32.2mm without the crown. As the case size is small for todays gents standards it may be the perfect ladies chronograph watch

With a 4.x million serial 1873 movement, signed Lemania not Heuer?
No, sorry, I do not believe it.
The mid 1990s re-edition Heuer Carrera used the 1873, and moreover, they too have 4.x million serial number movements.
Wrong-un I'm afraid.