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Thread: Lemania Baby Chrono

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    Default Lemania Baby Chrono

    Hi All,

    Just got a Bay Chrono Lemania.

    Small size with only 30mm, but I like it a lot.

    Movement is CH27C12, I presume this is the correct reference, or instead 2310, I am not sure about the differences between them, or is just a different designation for the same movement.

    Case isin solid 18kt god, with Lemania stamped inside, which I presume is not very common.

    Any feedback much aprreciated

    Lemania Baby Chrono-20180629_101455-jpgLemania Baby Chrono-20180629_101510-jpg

    Lemania Baby Chrono-20180627_101854-jpgLemania Baby Chrono-20180627_101907-jpgLemania Baby Chrono-20180627_101913-jpg

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    Lovely little thing.
    The 2310 is kust a later reference for a further development of the earlier CH27C12 (which itself is simply a reference to the size in mm and the 12 hr capability of the chronograph). This earlier movement didn't last too long before further development.

    This watch has had some work. Thankfully the dial is untouched, but the sub-dial hands have been re-coloured, the main hands re-plated, the crown and pushers replced or replated.

    Did you source this from the states? It looks like it has a US 3-letter import code stamped onto the movement's balance bridge (Lemania was BOL) and the tachy is marked miles, indicating a non-European sales point (even though a tachy is unit-neutral).
    I cannot read what it actually says, can you let me know?
    All the best
    If it's Lemania-powered, I'm interested. Tool Chrono - interested. Dive Chrono - interested. Interesting - interested

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