A bit of History?

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Thread: A bit of History?

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    Default A bit of History?

    Hi, found this site while trying to get some info on these 2. What sort of history would surround them and are they actually worth anything? Enjoy!

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    there are a few who know a lot about these watches and I am sure there will be a few who might be interested in them......I'll let them speak and fill in anything missed.... remember gents about the last guy who posted like this.....
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    Hi and Welcome.

    Al, who has repsoned first, owns this forum, and I am the Lemania forum administrator, so bear with me on this one.

    I'll add some comments, but I will also send you a PM to warn you about certain aspects of this kind of thing.

    I wonder whether you might be able to tell us how you managed to find these. Finding one is interesting, finding two seems a little more than coincidence, so there must be a good story there!! Tell us a little more....or a lot more.

    It would seem to me that they are Lemania HS9 chronographs, marked for issue to the RAN, that's Royal Australian Navy. they use a single button to progressively start, stop and then reset the chronograph, which is able to measure a time interval up to 30 minutes, with seconds indicated by the longest hand on the dial, and minutes on the sub-dial at 3. The sub-dial at 9 is constant seconds.

    Lemania produced these chronographs for pretty much all of the commonwealth forces that wanted them in the late 1940s and onwards. This includes Navy, RAF, Canadian Forces, Australian, Pakistani, Indian etc etc.

    By the way, HS9 (on the back) is Hydrographical Services 9, the code of the specification which this watch was manufactured to. It is telling you what it is. RAN tells you who it belongs to. The other number is the individual identity of this watch, so that it could be traced to and from the person that it was issued to.

    Over the years Lemania went on to produce a wide array of such pieces, Single pusher, two pushers, round-cased, asymmetric-cased, white dial, black dial. All with the same essential functions. Yours are clearly white dialled, round cased, and single pusher.

    Some are rarer than others, and the rarity is geographically dependent. RAN ones like yours are more likely seen in Oz. Where are you?

    They are worth money, but I will tell you more about that in a PM (that's private message). Don't go qitting your job, you won't be able to retire on these two.

    The condition of yours looks good, and I note that the first one you post has what may be the original bracelet on it, known as a Bonklip generally. It may have a makers name on it, have a look.

    The dial on that one shows a bit more age, with some corrosion at 6 and a few other marks. the other one looks better. the first one also has a slight mismatch in lume colour on the hands, perhaps service replacements.

    Are they both working and keep good time?

    The movement inside these watches is one of the most lovely you will ever see on a watch, but I wouldn't try to open it yourself, you could do some permanent damage.

    Finally, the way forums work is if people engage with other people, and chat.

    So, if you really want to talk about these, may I politely suggest that you tell us a bit more about yourself, how you come to have these watches, and their condition, particularly in terms of operation.

    We can have a real conversation then, not just you asking questions, and me answering them!!

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