Lemania, a gift.

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Thread: Lemania, a gift.

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    Default Lemania, a gift.

    I've been looking for a Citizen ParaWater, a 60s and 70s model with an internal bezel. After a WTB on a Dutch watch forum, a guy contacted me an sold me his Citizen. This watch arrived today and there was a small letter on the box, saying that he couldn't find the original bracelet and therefore her added a small watch for restoration to make it up to me... It's a Lemania. Perhaps not the most beautiful you've ever seen, but hey! It's a gift.

    There's a s/steel back on the watch. I haven't opened the watch yet. It's keeping time well.

    Anyway, here's a pic. If you have additional info, please be so kind to share this with me.

    (As a note: the Citizen came on a braided nylon strap. Just the strap my father used for his Blancpain back in the 60s. I've stated before that some memories of your childhood and parents are priceless. This is one of them. I would never have thought that a simple nylon strap would bring back so many memories at once. This Citizen stays on this nylon strap! That's for sure!)


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