Fragile but Agile P-51 in the Metal

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Thread: Fragile but Agile P-51 in the Metal

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    Default Fragile but Agile P-51 in the Metal

    More tail plane, in its previous paint scheme, from the P-51 'Fragile but Agile' just in from California. Next time you see this metal it will be integrated into 251 watches!

    Don't know who that guy is but the tail looks cool!

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    Been reading up on the history of the 'plane (or is that 'planes).

    "463" comes from 44-63864 (Twilight Tear). As I understand it, this 'plane as been in the PTO, Israel, Sweden, the UK and the US (at least) and was thought to have been TT, before they discovered it was Lt. Bert Lee's 'plane. Apparently FBA wasn't his name for the 'plane - he wanted to call it [URL=""]Louella's Black Magic[/URL], after his wife!
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    I was just in the shop where that tail section was likely torn off. They did a big symposium featuring the Skunk Works and the U-2 was discussed in some detail. They have at least one other -51 model being rebuilt as we speak. Very cool to see.

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