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    Default Speed

    Caught sight of this the other day on TV...


    The Harmsworth Challenge Cup for speedboat racing was introduced in 1903 by Sir Alfred Harmsworth. It triggered off the duel between Miss America and Miss England with some inspired design on each side. It led to the David and Goliath race between the and Hubert Scott-Paine with a single engined boat and the American Gar Wood with his 4x1000Hp monster. Very interesting history....

    This started me wondering about other cups that are no longer contested.
    Schneider Trophy was one that sprang to mind.

    Date Location Winning Aircraft Nation Pilot Speed (km/h, mph)
    1913 Monaco Deperdussin France Maurice Prevost 73.56, 45.71
    1914 Monaco Sopwith Tabloid United Kingdom Howard Pixton 139.74, 86.83
    1920 Venice, Italy Savoia S.12 Italy Luigi Bologna 70.54, 43.83
    1921 Venice, Italy Macchi M.7bis Italy Giovanni de Briganti 189.66, 117.85
    1922 Naples, Italy Supermarine Sea Lion II United Kingdom Henri Biard 234.51, 145.72
    1923 Cowes, United Kingdom Curtiss CR-3 United States David Rittenhouse 285.29, 177.27
    1925 Baltimore, United States Curtiss R3C-2 United States James Doolittle 374.28, 232.57
    1926 Hampton Roads, United States Macchi M.39 Italy Mario de Bernardi 396.69, 246.50
    1927 Venice, Italy Supermarine S.5 United Kingdom Sidney Webster 453.28, 281.66
    1929 Calshot Spit, United Kingdom Supermarine S.6 United Kingdom Henry Waghorn 528.89, 328.65
    1931 Calshot Spit, United Kingdom Supermarine S.6B United Kingdom John Boothman 547.31, 340.09

    Anyone think of any more?
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    Anglo-Italian Cup?
    Cheers, Chris

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