An intro and my experience of Bremont

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Thread: An intro and my experience of Bremont

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    Default An intro and my experience of Bremont

    Good Afternoon ATG.

    I'm sorry for posting in tbe classifieds of the forum before dropping in to ay hello.

    I've been interested in watches for a relativly short time but spent most of that time trying to find the right dive watch for me. I started with the Breitling SOP and Omega SMP but neither of them were quite right.

    Through this is I read about the soon to be release Bremont Supermarine 500. To find out more I visited my local AD and was introduced to the range currently available. An impressive selection since their release in summer 07!

    Due to my interest I was invited to the Scottish launch of the Supermaine which took place on the 17th of this month. The release was held at Jamison & Carrie in Aberdeen. The evening ran from 1800 until after 2100.

    Upon arrival we were welcomed with champagne and nibbles and had the oppertunity to look at the full range of Bremont watches of which J&C have a very healthy selection.

    The unveiling was preempted by an introducion and welcome from J&C, a background to the company and specifics about the two watches being unveiled (yup you guessed it ) by Giles English followed by Sara Campbell taking the stage and talking us through her victories as well as trials and tribulations.

    Giles explianed about the thought and work that had gone into the Bremont range and specifically the S500 and Martin Baker that we were about to see. Sara started talk by asking us to take three deep breathes with her and hold it for as long as possible. She continued by talking herself and how she has reached the depths of world free diving records. After three and a half minutes Giles cut in highlighting that was how long Sara held her breath on the record breaking dive. Impressive to say the least!

    The great unveiling was met with great interest and applause as we the masses got a chance to get our hands on the Supermarine 500 and the MB1.

    The Supermarine 500 is a very good looking watch with the green/black model immediately grabbing my attention. The size and finish of the watch is excellent with the sapphire bezel realy adding to the look of the watch without making it look massive or reflecting alot of light. Bremont go to great lengths with their AR.

    The S500 is substantial and is thicker than I was expecting, this can be attributed to a faraday cage and rubber mounting for the movement to ensure it is kept out of harms way. The crown placement and guard does not look out of place and is a nice change from conventional guards. It sits pround and is easy to manipulate while not breaking the shape of watch case or looking out of place.

    The rubber strap is not a deployment clasp I was please to see and makes the S500 extremely comfortable on the wrist.

    The Martin Baker was a suprise to see, not an unwelcome one however as it is a superb looking watch. The case construction differs from the traditional Bremont case by having a knurled finish rather than a smooth and layered look. Dispite being slightly unconventional it went down well and the coloured side was definaly generating alot of talk.

    The upper crown on the MB serves to act as a standard screwdown crown to adjust the timepiece. The lower moves the bi directional internal bezel and could be turned freely. The dial looks fantastic, simple with and interesting twist subtly refering to the MB connection. I particularly liked the MB hands that are larger and bolder than many in the Bremont range.

    Both watches have a solid caseback, no doubt to ensure they are robust enough to deal with stresses and strains to which they were designed. The MB looked to have the Martin Baker logo in the centre with text around the outside, this was difficult to see due to the strap. A very comfortable velco offering attached at the bars allowing for a 6.5 inch + wrist.

    During all of this there was more bubbly with a representative of Chevis Regal offering and explaining there 12 and 18 year old blend and a very knowladgable source on whisky (not just Scottish, apparently there is a very nice offering coming out of Japan).

    Giles English and Sara Campbell circulated among the guest and were happy to chat and discuss what they do.

    It was a fantastic evening and more enjoyable than I expected! Thanks to J&C for hosting the evening, Bremont and the English Brothers (sadly Nick was unavailable) and to Sara Campbell who is going for the 100m next week!

    Any questions i'll to my best to answer them, I hope this was of use

    (Please excuse any errors i'll give it a proper proof read later)
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    Default Welcome Elwood

    As a Bremont owner (Alt1-C and EP 120) I am jealous that these evenings are so remote from me (Australia), although I can't complain as I have been kindly invited to a few events.
    Very nice write up of the evening, and great to get some feedback on the SM 500 from another who has handled it in the metal.
    From my experience, Bremont are going the right way. The watches are different, attention to detail and interesting design features set them apart for me.
    As much as the Martin Baker appeals to me, I think the Supermarine 500 is calling me next from the Bremont hangar.
    Look forward to more posts, and again, welcome to this place. I think you'll fit in well!
    Dave J

    "I may at times be wrong, but I am never in doubt"...anonymous surgeon.

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    Welcome to the forum Elwood...

    Thanks for the blow by blow account of the evening. Sounds as though everyone had a great time and got to look at the new watches first hand.

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    Default fun time


    It sounds great. I haven't heard of any events here in the U.S. though maybe I'm just not on "A" list, LOL, though one would hope having purchased a Bremont would put me there.


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    Goo fro you Elwood, great piece of writing....
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