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Ejecting with my MB1 again...

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Quote Originally Posted by Diak
Monday was really a very special day... First it was our wedding anniversary (2 years) and then something I was really far to imagine happened. Unfortunately I had troubles with my jet and had to eject (again)!!!
This time, it was really hard!! Major failure, throttle stuck, inverted spin... Ejection at 15.000ft, high speed. My helmet was torn off. Once again I landed in the trees, barely avoiding a high voltage line... But at the end, no serious injury, I'm fine!!!
I will narrate the story when I'll be a little bit more "available"!

Now I can assure everybody that the MBI resists an ejection (I was wearing it)!!!! Tested in the field!!!

I am now number 7441... Do you think I can get a MBI based on the new MBIII???

What is left of my jet...

At the hospital... (we can see the traces when my helmet was torn off)

So fashion...

The MBI, tested in the field!!!

Sorry for the poor quality, my wife's smartphone is not the best one!

Happy to be in my sofa, fine, writing this post...

Diak, MBI tester.

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