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  1. Salon QP - a few photos and views

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveS
    Al and I went to Salon QP on Friday.
    Thanks to Al for extending his invite to me, for the event, the preview showing of the film about Jack Heuer, and the cocktail evening.

    It was great fun.

    As you would expect, one of the first stops was at the Bremont stand.

    In no particular order, my highlights there were:

    The Jaguar E-Type Ltd ed - one each will be provided to the owners of the new cars.

    The faithful reproduction of the E-Type
  2. ATG Skylon Event 30th of June a few pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by ATG
    James who filmed the night sent over a few pictures...... edit in a week or so...

    Peter Roberts on the left looking at the new Bremont iPad covers with Alistair from ATG....

    Some of the Bremont watches including a Solo and an MB1 in pieces....

  3. ATG Watch Collectors I Know Series - The Canadian

    Quote Originally Posted by ATG
    Mr. Brent,

    now that is quite a wonderful collection you have there son..... very cool... I have owned almost all of them and wished I still had them.....

    The Max Bill is a favourite I have not had and that black dial Wittnauer 3 reg middle right is also one that has alluded me... don't see them often and if you still have it would love to see a few more pics of it....?

    I think a 'show your collections post is needed........

    Great stuff and
  4. PITA BARCELONA are coming on board

    Quote Originally Posted by ATG
    So after first speaking to Pita Barcelona in Basel in 2011 and then running in to them at Salon Qp I will be the sole UK retailer for their watches... I have a sample on its way so will shoot it to death when arrives... meanwhile here is the Oceana Titanium 2000 with DLC too

  5. A rather dramatic film with Ben Saunders and his trip following Scott...

    and the Bremont Terra Nova he wore..

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