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    User:  ATG
Name:  Bremont-townhouse-22-Boeing-bracelet copy.jpg
Title: Bremont-townhouse 2017
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Name:  370.jpg
Title: IMG 0043
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Name:  Ghitor-Crown-small-1.jpg
Title: Ghitor Oversize Military style chronograph 1948
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Title: Cauny Camaro 1963 Manual Chronograph
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Title: Fake Patek Mil Sub Bleuch!
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Title: Salon Qp External ATG 9
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Title: Dugena-master-3_1.jpg
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    henry bowman

    hand set hole sizes

    Thank you, I had inadvertently stumbled across a log since forgotten post on this site that actually contained the sizes.

    henry bowman 1 Day Ago Go to last post

    hand set hole sizes

    if it i has a 5100 movement and the parts supplier advertises handsets for 5100 movements then yes.... they will fit...

    ATG 2 Days Ago Go to last post