Well it has been a while but last week I attended Bremont's latest LTD watch launch at the V&A in London with my pal Erika from Erika's Originals who is on a mad tour of the World visiting biz people and collector groups. I rounded up Matt and Jonathan ATGers of old and we enjoyed a glass or two 'hic' of lovely champagne and had a good chat.... the watch is based around the famous Howard Hughes flying boat 'The Hucules' or known as 'The Spruce Goose' referring to it's wooden construction and size.

The watch is very interesting as the internal finish on the movement is galvanising in reference to the plane with the propeller rotor containing wood from the aircraft itself.
The movement is the same customised version from the Wright Flyer and as usual from the brother's the watch is another instant aviation classic.

The watch is available in Steel, gold and Platinum and I have an allocation which I am offering as usual through the forum... email me if interesting in pre ordering with deposit... only 300 in steel. Email info@atgvintagewatches.com

At a time of austerity, one American defied convention to build the largest aircraft in the world. The Bremont H-4 Hercules Limited Edition chronometer salutes this iconic flying boat of the 1940s. Famously known as the ‘Spruce Goose’, the vast silver ship is as legendary as its inventor Howard Hughes.⁠ Limited to 300 Stainless Steel, 75 Rose Gold and 75 Platinum, this new collection of timepieces incorporates original birchwood from the aircraft that took to the skies on November 2nd 1947. A percentage of proceeds will be going to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in order to preserve the aircraft for future generations. Find out more at: www.bremont.com/Hercules

Bremont 'Spruce Goose' event at the Victoria & Albert Museum London-screenshot-2019-10-14-14-32-22-jpg

Bremont 'Spruce Goose' event at the Victoria & Albert Museum London-screenshot-2019-10-14-14-32-38-png

Bremont 'Spruce Goose' event at the Victoria & Albert Museum London-screenshot-2019-10-14-14-32-31-jpg