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Should I keep these Foums or call it a Day
Should I keep these Foums or call it a Day

View Poll Results: Should Alistair keep the ATG Forums Running?

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    Default Should I keep these Foums or call it a Day

    I am re tumbling the forum etc and will be working it more than the last few years...... so will be back in the game..... but it needs people posting stuff... not just Friday and chatting meaningfully or I will have to do away with it....

    Put it this way Dave runs his own Lemania Forum. I pay for the forum hosting and updates and the Lemania Forum provides 10% of the traffic I have not really benefited from this forum for quite a few years now. Dave has had one phone call with me and a couple of emails in the last two maybe 3 years....

    It has all become a bit tiring to be honest.... so start voting here now if I am keeping the forums or not?
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    I will not vote, however i'll miss it.

    Although i must admit i'm not here very often, and, yes, mainly for the Lemanias...

    I think smaller vintage watch forums have a hard time because of Instagram, Pinterest and so on...

    I've learned some things here and got a nice contact who sold me a cool watch: so thanks anyway, whatever you decide

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    I am with Rega & I don't feel I can vote mate.
    I have been a member since 2006 I think & I do try to post as you know, but it is difficult to find much time as I am not office based, so web time is very restricted.
    I think it is a decision for you.
    If the forum is not getting the traffic & it is not viable or aiding the business anymore & is costing you money to run then it may be in your best interest to let it go.
    However, if it is still viable or you have plans to get it back that way then it may be better to keep it.
    You already know all this, whereas I/we don't.
    I would be sad to see the forum go, but it is no good flogging a dead horse, if that is how you see it mate.
    Good luck with your decision.


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    Al, this has to be your decision.
    So no vote from me either.
    The way you phrased the question makes me think you may have made up your mind, and the way your introduce the post also indicates you may think the Lemania corner of the web is burden too.
    Sorry you feel that way.
    I would very much miss this place, and as you can appreciate, I have put a fair bit of effort into posting stuff on here that is interesting for folks to read and refer to.
    But the traffic has dwindled as the amount new stuff posted by everyone has dropped.
    And now that this is no longer your platform for sales of Bremonts, other new brands, ATG restored classics and your own exemplary straps, there is less traffic for that too.
    Good luck in your decision.
    If it's Lemania-powered, I'm interested. Tool Chrono - interested. Dive Chrono - interested. Interesting - interested

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    Thank you for asking.

    As the others have expressed how I feel too. I'll also add I too will miss this little corner of Lemania's and other watch related stuffs.

    Cheers P,

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    I voted before I usual!
    Do what you feel Al', it's your baby - the amount of knowledge built up would be a shame to bin, but I always liked it as a quiet, reflective, informative and 'gentlemanly' place to visit. It's been a busy life for a while and watches have taken a bit of a back seat unfortunately, but I check regularly and have always liked reading through what is written and it's refreshing not to have to wade through tripe as on other fora before you get to the meat.
    But no emotional blackmail from a relatively slow contributor - it's your gig man - all the best either way.


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Should I keep these Foums or call it a Day