I was interviewed last week by Ariel Adams of A Blog to Watch about my book... what I think are the best vintage watches... the state of auction houses and a guide to buying Vintage Watches after 20 years of collecting and restoring... go and have a look...

1. The vintage watch world has been commercially hot for a while, especially among collectors. To what do you credit this contemporary popularity?

“I started collecting these watches in the early ’90s when flying about and editing commercials but without focus. So when the internet came along, specifically eBay and the forums, I entered this interesting world of like-minded collectors from all different backgrounds as the watches were not famous yet and were not too expensive. At the same time, the famous marque’s new watches were just not very good. Probably resting on their laurels while vintage availability offered more interesting choices. The last 20 years have seen a big leap in, shall I call it, domestic tech. I worked in a very high tech world in video post production and for me I admired the mechanical aspects of watches and engineering in general. That I think has spread. Your mobile will tell accurate time but it just isn’t very interesting whereas a mechanical watch has a heartbeat and a vintage watch has a history.