Funny I cam across this Oris diver re issue and thought to myself... that looks familiar....

Many, many moons ago I was up in Liverpool my home town wandering around a brilliant 4 story vintage place called Quiggins which was then next to the Bluecoat Chambers Arts Centre and is now here at Grand Central Hall in Liverpool.

There was some great furniture there and as always a healthy mix of clothing....

and tucked away in a little glass display case was this Oris diver..... I had to look through my entire 50K picture archive to find watch.... this was maybe 1997 when I was just an enthusiast... base metal case, silver central scored dial, big hands and big markers. I think I paid 20 for it and have no idea where it is now..... but it looks like it has been re issued and the new one looks pretty good... amazes me how long these brands have taken to look at watches they have made from the past and re issued the good ones....

Original Oris Super Diver

Re Issue Oris Diver

Quite a cool watch i think... something of an Omega 120 about it and apparently the bracelet is great too... Good Review here at Fratellowatches

And here is a list of good vintage shops in Liverpool... have a great weekend!

69A bought here as a student! LINK

Total Re Call LINK

Resurrection LINK