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New From Habring
New From Habring

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    Default New From Habring

    Always a favourite... Richard Habring is a very nice chap having chatted to him some time ago here are some of his new pieces emailed to me this morning....lovely I think...

    HABRING Uhrentechnik

    The elegant alternative: Chronos with a new face when the minute comes from the centre

    By Michael Brückner

    You don't have to have been bitten by the watch bug to easily recognise most chronographs. The buttons that start, stop and reset chronograph functions are just as characteristic as the auxiliary dials for displaying the stopped time.

    The classic chronographs from Habring2 have the familiar chronograph face with the counters on the left and right of the dial. But long live the alternative: various chronograph models from Habring2 are now available with a central minute counter (“ZM” after the German words “zentraler Minutenzähler”) in the middle. The dial has the typical Habring² design of a simple three-hand watch. The only difference: a fourth hand at the centre indicates the enhanced functionality of the chronograph.

    When stopped, the minute counter hides discreetly underneath its counterpart which is responsible for displaying the stopped seconds. Together the two components complete their revolutions to measure time intervals of up to 60 minutes in the familiar scheme of time display. The dial looks "neat and tidy" thanks to the CM and even has something of an understatement about it. The central minute counter is also easier to read.
    The central minute on Habring2 watches is available for the 42 millimetre chronograph with buttons, the chrono COS, and for the 36 millimetre chronograph with single-pusher.

    The model COS ZM also do without another classic feature of chronographs: the buttons. Habring2 introduced the meanwhile patented chronograph COS in 2008. It is the first chronograph in the world that is controlled exclusively via the crown. The COS has meanwhile proven that there is indeed room for innovative solutions suitable for everyday use in addition to the familiar – and not always unproblematic – button solutions. Thus, the COS is today one of the best-selling models manufactured by Habring2.

    Austria's one and only watch manufacture then took things a step further and added the central minute counter to the COS. The COS ZM proves that a simple "chronograph complication" does not necessarily require a martial exterior and can be discreetly integrated in a reduced design concept. And this is a central theme common to the entire Habring² collection. As are the other basic values of the COS ZM: a classic, three-component case made of 316L stainless steel or titanium with a diameter of 42 millimetres; water-resistant up to a pressure of 5 bar; metal dial in silver with rhodanised, gold-plated or blue appliqués or in grey and black with rhodanised appliqués filled with Super-Luminova.

    Although the company's own calibre A08MCOSZM is based on the wheel train of the ETA 7750, they share nothing in common bar their noted reliability and ease of service. Chronograph control via the crown and the central minute counter are both developments that are exclusive to Habring².

    Especially noticeable is the entirely new chrono in 36mm casing. While sharing the same central minute counter with his cousins, is the chrono activation by monopusher the perfect compromise between their either traditional or progressive layout. One single button at 2h for start, stop and reset. The little chrono by Habring² is so the perfect fit for ladies as well as for gents who prefer rather gentle watches.
    The prices: The Chrono ZM in 42mm (2 pushers) and the ZM in 36mm (monopusher) are starting at €4.050,--, the COS ZM is €5.850,--. All models available immediately.

    A few technical details of the Habring² ZM-line

    Habring² A08MZM, A08MCOSZM und A08MZM-Mono:

    Hour, minute display, small running seconds hand on request;
    stop-seconds hand and 60-minute counter from the centre
    Manual winding, automatic winding on request (only 42mm - models)
    Triovis fine adjustment
    Shock-proof in accordance with DIN and NIHS
    17 rubies
    48 hours of power reserve when fully wound

    Stainless steel or titanium (only COS ZM), 3 screwed sections
    Waterproof to a depth equivalent of 50 metres
    Concave sapphire crystal, non-reflective coating on both sides
    Double-sealed crown, sapphire crystal back
    Engraved selective serial number 01 – 2012 to 12 – 2012 between the lugs at 6 o'clock


    Several dial/hands-combinations available

    Uhrentechnik og
    Hauptplatz 16
    9100 Völkermarkt

    #chasingtimebook look for me on Instagram
    Call: +44 (0) 203 544 4012
    Official Dealers
    Bremont, Dodane 1857 & PITA Barcelona

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    Yes they are nice, but I'm not so keen on the crown operated version.
    Great piece of technical work, but I like a button or two to play with on my Chrono's.

    I really liked this one when it was released and nothing has changed.

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    I really like them, the COS in particular (), their thought behind their movement work, the everyday capabilities of the watches and their taking a different (better?) approach to ergonomics.

    The thing that stops me is the design of the dial and to some degree hands; I think mine would have to be quite heavily modified from the standard - but only in terms of cosmetics.

    I think the plain no-subdial ZM chronograph in titanium would be interesting - more so if it also had a date (I know that's straying from the focus though). Of course, the logic behind the centre minute chronograph design is very appealing and they (H2) have obviously understood it. "60 minutes in the familiar scheme of time display" & "The central minute counter is also easier to read."

    They explain the 'whole' quite well too - "a simple "chronograph complication" does not necessarily require a martial exterior and can be discreetly integrated in a reduced design concept."

    So, I think the COS and ZM (zentre minutes) is a lovely combination, but I'm still challenged by the looks within the combination of options they have available. To my mind if they used a more 'minimalist' design it would be in more keeping with what they have done so far; think of this with a Chronoscope based design; you'd lose none of the 'period style' but have a simpler presentation. I'd also prefer a flat rather than 'stepped' dial in terms of colour/finish - again, just for simplicities sake.


    A blend of the above with the below would be interesting...

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    This is very interesting. I actually found a Habring AD here in the States that's not too far from me ( well... it's in California, at any rate ) and and they will do deals from time to time. Looks nice.

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    An interesting article re Habring and the IWC roots here, with a nce story to boot -


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