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Ok Men so Monday begins the state of your collection
Ok Men so Monday begins the state of your collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATG
    Damn Scott I fancy a pre moon Speedy... you could have said..?
    Sorry Al,

    I really didn't want to sell it, but I had a fellow friend/watch collector from Philly that saw my posts after it came back from an Omega spa treatment and he begged me for a couple of years to sell it to him.

    I said no several times, but in the end I caved.

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    2011 has been a transition year for me, moving full tilt back into cars, more specifically hot rods and Bonneville, so although it's a bit OT, my watch collection has turned into new additions to my car collection.

    I am keeping my three Bremonts and probably hanging onto a couple of Panerai homages but almost all of my military watches have gone - nowadays I need something which is pretty much bullet-proof and can be easily repaired if it is damaged.

    Current Bremonts are EP 120, P-51 and MB 1.5S.

    With several cars up for sale, I spent the money set aside for a new kitchen on a '63 Sting Ray roadster to use as a daily driver in the summer and for the Goodwood Spring Sprint and track days (it matched my '32 roadster so I had no choice)...

    A set of knock-off hub kidney bean Halibrands is on the way over from the States for it.

    A long term project is a Cheetah - a mix of original and continuation parts. This is what it will look like when it is eventually finished in several years' time...

    The other project (hopefully short term) is this '27 Dodge Modified, which a friend and I will be sprinting and hill-climbing in a new flathead class...

    It currently runs an American Pinto but we have a flathead ready to drop in the rails. It's also going to have a dash with WW2 aircraft instruments which have taken years to collect.

    Coincidentally, the Dodge is 999 and so is the number of this post!


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    Jon, I hope cars don't take you too far or too often away from us!

    2011 has been an interesting year for me also. I retired from the US Army on 1 Jan and only worked three months this year, all of those earnings being spent enjoying RWC 2011! Well, not all - some went to a special new arrival, see below

    I did let a few watches go, chief among them a refurbished (IWW) Aquastar Benthos 500 and a Citizen 800m Ti Promaster to one buyer, an RN Precista 93, an RN Precista 88, a RAN Certina PH1000 went back to the previous owner and an Omega SM120 (refurbished by Nesbit's) went to a mate in a partial trade. I also owe an IDF Kon Tiki (pending hand replacement and a service) to a mate for a watch I received this year. I can't believe I got rid of SIX dive watches in one year!!! Also put a few others on the block without any result. I'll have to re-look my selling technique and pricing

    Arrivals in 2011 (I haven't made a collection photo in five years, too difficult):
    RESCO Patriot #160
    Scubapro 500 "Tuna"
    Two Precista '88s, two Precista '93s and an RN CWC diver
    GSG9-issued EZM-2
    ZUZ EZM-1

    Goals for 2012? Find a full time job so I can continue to grow the collection. Many mil divers still on The List!
    Cheers all, Colin

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    Hello there

    SOTC : 17 watches... Call it madness !

    Last month:


    ... two...

    ... three

    and earlier in 2011.... but not forgotten obviously

    well, a bit slow this year (relatively speaking of course ), but new home, new car... choices had to be made

    Happy new year everyone
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    I had high hopes for 2011 but only managed to grab two "things" on my wish list.

    January: Dodane

    December: BMW E91 LCI

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Ok Men so Monday begins the state of your collection