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Death of the dive watch...
Death of the dive watch...

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    Default Death of the dive watch...

    I don't usually just post links to the 'dink, I mean, what #watchnerd in his right mind doesn't flick through Hodinkee at least once a week, right?

    However, today's article by Jason Heaton is worth sharing - death of the dive watch / rise of the dive computer. Well worth a read. He also has a 'blog (

    US Divers / Aqua lung Calypso gauge by Noodlefish, on Flickr
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    sure I think Dive Computers for people who dive a lot are a must... just from a point of safety but for the game amateur something like a Omega Planet Ocean is prefect... I just think that these watches are getting far too expensive generally..... swiss over doing it again....
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Death of the dive watch...