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Thread: Tag Heuer Aquagraph Promo

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    Default Tag Heuer Aquagraph Promo

    Whilst surfing the net I stumbled across this:


    I couldn't even begin to explain what is was about the promo that got me hooked, but the Aquagraph is one of the most under-rated tool watches out there IMO, packed full of practical features, a sure fire future classic than can still be picked up for reasonable money .


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    I had one for a while
    A lot of watch for the money, that's for sure.
    Astonishingly heavy on its (massive) bracelet, it looked great on one of Al's dive straps


    Great Lume
    Lovely lume on the bezel
    Really cool "push to turn" action on the bezel
    Lovely caseback
    Very cool "use at full depth" chrono-pushers
    The rubber dive strap was REALLY comfy. Very nicely made piece of kit.
    And of course, ultimately readable centre-minutes on the chrono


    No date (pretty much impossible with the module movement)
    Crown super-low on the case (meant a lot of wrist gouging)
    My watch maker thought that the pusher fitting was pretty flakey. He was happy with how it turned out, but thought it would be easy to get it wrong and fit them in a very leaky manner. The waterproofing is of course due to the rubber boots over the pushers, and he wasn't impressed. When Mike tells me these things, I tend to listen.

    I reckon it is about the most (if not only) tool-ish TH of recent times. They used to make some classic rugged chronos. Why not now????

    As an aside, I now have one of these

    As a dive chrono, I think this has the THAG beaten on every single count, with perhaps a slight exception in that the brightness of the lume is slightly less.

    1000m WR, chronometer, date, full depth pushers (better engineered using magnetic action so there is no case penetration), Lighter (Ti). The list goes on....

    If it's Lemania-powered, I'm interested. Tool Chrono - interested. Dive Chrono - interested. Interesting - interested

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