Heuer Bund Reference Post _ All you need to know

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Thread: Heuer Bund Reference Post _ All you need to know

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    Tim... the Fake ones are really obvious and are only made from 1 source... who freely admits they are an homage. Here is an article that explains the fake versions. http://forum.timezoneitalia.com/inde...ic,2036.0.html its in Italian but you get the drift.....

    But they only come from one place....from a guy called Ray on Ebay so easy to spot, the hands are too long and they look too new...

    Heuer Bund PDF German Tech manual here: http://www.mwrforum.net/PDF/BUNDHEUER/index.html

    Steve G. Launch Pad here has a complete visual guide to the 3H watch : http://www.ninanet.net/watches/other...ms/mheuer.html

    Walter Mannings excellent Reference page - Heuer bund ref: Bible is here : http://brown-snout.com/horology/arti...eswehr_chrono/

    and finally one of the best surveys of the Heuer Bund is here by one of our own, Dave S : http://forum.atgvintagewatches.com/s...=3195#post3195

    This has now been added to the Classic Posts Forum - Cheers Dave

    Anyway Tim, for one not in absolutely amazing condition look at 1K +

    You now have all the info and I no I can't lend you the cash!
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    thanks that's great. Looking at one on Tuesday.


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