At the weekend I took my two boys swimming as usual, i was wearing my Bremont on one of the new ATG Crocodile straps. I was going to change but I thought 'sod' it let's see how the crocodile hands an hour of chlorinated water and underwater Kng Fu Panda.... that's my sons game.

Here are the results.

This is literally 15 minutes afterwards.

You can see that the crocodile went darker and lost its polish to a mat in finish.

However, now it is completely dry I can tell you that just wearing it for 24 hours my cuff has polished the crocodile back to a buffed finish, it is maybe 5% darker in colour, the lining leather is fine but I could see after this happening a number of times it wouldn't like it too much. Not that it would become detroyed I just think you would start to see the impact.

I know that TAG straps for the blue Monaco (which are very good) are made from new crocodile as they need to be very flexible to strecth around the padding and also to take the dyes well. (not many bright blue crocodiles around). That and the coating on the straps makes them wear more, I've had an Abercrombie & Fitch strap that is at least 50 years old and is still going strong and my straps are made in the same way. One at a time by a small family firm and I am very pleased with them...

So there you have it, all you need to know about getting your crocodile strap wet, you can and it is fine but if you want it to last you shouldn't do it too much.