Bremont ALT-1C Black Dial

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Thread: Bremont ALT-1C Black Dial

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    Default Bremont ALT-1C Black Dial

    Really impressed again by the quality, I used to own SM500. I believe this is their flagship watch right now and judging by the quality, it's well deserved.

    I was never impressed that much by these at the store (especially saran wrapped), then I saw a acquaintance's cream dialed version which WoW'd me. I was debating getting this turned into the cream dial which Bremont offers as a service but I think I'll stick with the black dial for now.

    I don't know if it's a keeper but I'm extremely impressed by the overall quality and fine detailing. Also this is the first time I'm using my new Nikon D7000. The first two pics are from the Voigtlander 58mm F1.4 stopped down to F4 1/60 with an off camera bounce flash. I messed up the exposure so had to pump it up +2ev in LR3. The rest are with the Sigma 105mm F2.8 macro.

    Pretty cool how the propeller crown aligns, not sure if that's by accident or by design.

    I'll post a full review on my site in a few days.

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    Default Wonderful

    Great photos, I'm thinking of heading down this road myself. The more I see of this brand the beter they look.

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    Jae, beautiful pics. The Alt1-C is a great watch indeed.
    I have to get into NYC so you can take some proper pics of my P-51.
    "We'd better synchronize our watches."

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    I love this model, such a handsome, clean, unfussy design.

    I'd be keen if you ever did decide to 'flip it'.


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