Alistair asked me to post this here; I originally posted it on EOT's Dive watch forum. I intend to forward the patent and Swagelok information to one of our in house metallurgists and see what his take is on it. If I get anything interesting, I'll add it to the thread. Any thoughts by the more qualified techies on the forum are also appreciated.

I get some pretty far out industry e-mail newsletters sometimes, and this sure sounds like it might be a description of what Sinn calls tegimented stainless steel. At least the application and results sound VERY similar, especially the hardness ranges and Swagelok's use of it on 316L SS. Guess what version of "surgical" SS seems most common in watch cases?

In their english catalog, Sinn mentions that "tegiment" is their trademark for the steel, and that it is accomplished with the help of "a process that can only be internationally guaranteed by one company in this quality..." Swagelok, I wonder?

The article on Swagelok's patented process

The US patent from 2000

The description of tegimented SS on Watchbuys

The Sinn english catalog section describing Tegiment (look on page 163)

I know that some of you guys are uber-techies / engineers / metallurgists, so any illumination would be appreciated.

Anyway, I thought this was an interesting coincidence, and might be a fun diversion for awhile.