I spent today at War & Peace, the largest military vehicle show in Europe, if not the world. The scale is overwhelming - there must be thousands of vehicles there, including some extremely rare survivors.

There were hardly any watches for sale although I saw quite a few cockpit clocks. Prices were quite high too - I saw a Smiths 8 day clock mounted in a DH Moth propeller boss, identical to mine (both clock and prop) which was three times what I paid five or six years ago. I also noticed that many re-enactors had cheap modern watches - oh, apart from the Germans, some of whom wore entry level Sinns.

I wore my 3AKA3 Vostok tanker to show solidarity with the T34s.

The re-enactors seem to have been on a huge recruitment drive these past years - there were more people in uniform than not. There seems to be competition to build the best diorama.

What particularly surprised me was the number of German uniforms present, far more than in previous years. Most of them seemed to be German too, apart from one group with Brummie accents?! The average age was interesting too - mostly in their 20s and 30s, so perhaps their attitude is more one of hero worship than shame or embarrassment?

There also seemed to be far more German and Nazi memorabilia for sale too. Again, it was these "young" German re-enactors who were queuing up to buy it. Anyone in German uniform has been banned from leaving the showground after complaints from locals a few years ago, who objected to seeing Nazis out shopping.

Anyway, I took some photos so you can make up your own minds. The rest are on my phone, which I used as a camera for the first time today so don't hold your breath whilst a flat-earther like me figures out how to download them...