Photography - Advice on getting good watch shots orig. 27/03/2007

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Thread: Photography - Advice on getting good watch shots orig. 27/03/2007

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    Default Photography - Advice on getting good watch shots orig. 27/03/2007

    This is a post I made on the forum for some of the members to help them get better shots. I hope it is useful?

    Hi Juko,

    When I first started taking pictures for my site I bought a 5meg Nikon 5000 Camera, that was the largest available (realistically) at the time.

    It cost me $1,000 and it was well worth it....

    A corner of my Garden was my studio and I used a plastic storage box from Ikea to diffuse the light. I could only shoot on sunny days and usually only in the morning.

    This was my set up !

    This was the kind of thing I could produce, today was very overcast and the shot was late afternoon (it took only a couple of minutes to set up)but with that camera you can get in really close and the box provides a lot of light and the shot still looks ok.

    But I have produced shots like this one below.

    Now I have a better Camera that I can change lenses with which allows me the flexibility of making more interesting pictures that have more life in them and the Camera Nikon D50 while not being the best on the market is very practical and easy to use. As an example here is a shot of the Submariner from above with a hand held D50 while the other camera was on a tripod with a countdown timer to avoid shake.

    Below is my new studio set up which allows me more control. I have 2 diffuse adjustable lights as well as filler lights for pointing in beams of light from the sides. Also known as spots or gun lights.

    I also now use several lenses, Nikon 60mm Macro, Sigma 20mm Ultra wide and both have polarising filters which help with glare and give you true colours. I have several tripods and bounce a lot of light around using poly boards. However compared to a pro I am still an amateur.

    Pro Am Shots.

    This isn't really that sophisticated either but it can allow you to produce really beautiful shots like the two below.

    I hope this informs and helps so if anyone would like to add an tips to this post I am sure everyone who reads it would be more than happy. Everyone will have a good tip that no one else will know.



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