Auricostes' prices are getting over the top! A few weeks back, the asking price for a Seiko 6105 touched the 1000 dollar mark, now Auricostes are heading the same road!

Let me illustrate what I mean:

First, an Auricoste in France, for sale since 23 February:

And now, just a few minutes ago... one on the WUS forum: I know it's a NOS, but I think the history of the watch counts with these watches: I prefer a used one over a boxed one!

The French one is 650 euros, the asking price for the WUS one is 1500 dollars...

I'm sure that one of our French forum members will help you writing an email in French if you want to contact the seller!


Here's mine (the bracelet is too small for me, so it's on a S-strap from Westcoastime. com)