Still have this lurking in my draw, so I have slashed the price!

Rare NOS Swiss NSA "cheese grater" style strap.
Rare and desirable 2pc square sprung clasp design (very comfortable to wear)
Super long, with extra links. Comes fitted with 18mm straight ends, PLUS 18mm curved ends, and 20mm straight ends!

Length has very fine adjustment to ensure perfect fit as each link is the same, so you remove just one element at a time, instead of the usual 2.

-You can fit it and swap it onto almost anything!

It has polished outter edges, and "speckled" matte inner finished links, so it suits polished or brushed cases very well.

The design actually looks like 7 stripes around the wrist, and reminds me of a James Bond Nato in steel (IMHO).

Asking 95 +costs inc. all spare ends, links etc.

Email me at for pictures.

Many thanks, Gra.